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Cross-Cultural Training
Kerayw would like to share some essential coping skills with expats moving to China.
We offer several flavors of training to facilitate expats in some of these following ways:
• Become more familiar with their new local customs,
• Help them to recognize the effects or symptoms of culture shock
• Techniques to minimize and/or deal with the culture shock phenomenon, as well as helping them to adjust themselves to meet with the changes and to adapt to new surroundings.These trainings typically cover such topics as:
• A useful definition of what is Culture Shock
• A look at some of the determinants of Culture
• Understanding the expat’s original social norms and behaviors and compare with those in their new home Some aspects of potential Culture Shock that will be considered include:
• Personal space
• Hygiene
• Greetings
• Public places and public responsibility
• Teamwork and cooperation
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